About Us

VVK Construction is a Kent, WA based company, that was established in 2017 and provides commercial construction services for different types of commercial buildings VVK has extensive experience in construction across the Western states and within Europe as well.

We are committed to building quality projects while sustaining lifelong partnerships. Our management team realizes each project has its own unique plan of action and executes strategies to propel you forward.

VVK’s focused specialization in Building Exteriors enables us to provide the best service and value. Reasonable pricing paired with a "can-do" philosophy has enabled VVK to secure a market share of area projects, launching VVK's growth in a considerably brief amount of time.

  • 1 Exteriors
  • 2 Best Service
  • 3 Best Price
We are more than eager to establish mutually beneficial relationships with reliable and powerful partners, as this is key to continued growth, and profitability.
What We Do
Specific Expertise:
  • Qualified Installer for all brands of vinyl window, regardless of manufacture.
  • Preferred installer for ECO Vinyl Window Systems SGD’s/Swing Doors.
  • Preferred Installer for ECO storefront systems.
  • Building Envelope-WRB (water barrier systems).
  • Waterproofing, Sheet Metal Flashings, Coping, Saddles.
  • Siding Installation (Cementitious, wood, metal, etc).
  • Exterior paint.
How We Work
  • 1 Our sales management team is dedicated to procuring and maintaining partnerships in order to achieve VVK growth goals. The team stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technology, so that we can actively incorporate them into our jobs.
  • 2 Estimating. Per the given details, we take an organized approach to providing necessary functions in a project at the lowest cost. No change orders for already priced work if no changes have been executed to the blueprints.
  • 3 Questions. If there is a question regarding our bid, the Sales & Marketing Team is available for clarification or negotiation to enable the parties to reach a mutually agreeable position.
  • 4 Contracts. Upon execution of a signed contract, a VVK project manager gets assigned to the project and cooperates with the GC project manager from there.
VVK is capable of controlling from 6 to 10 projects simultaneously with ease
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We are located:
22641 83rd Ave S, Ste D,
Kent, WA